Benjamin de La Tour de By

Constructed in 1825 on the ruins of a flour mill, the Phare de By (By Lighthouse) is located 300 metres from Gironde, on land 15 meters above water level, where vines have been cultivated for centuries. At the heart of a 94-hectare family estate stands the Château de La Tour de By, the gem of Médoc elegance constructed in 1876 by Monsieur Rubichon, son-in-law of the Count of Grammont. But after being resold at the start of the 1960s to a member of parliament, Monsieur Kaskoreff, the estate was almost abandoned. Its renaissance would come in 1965 when three repatriates returning from Tunisia acquired it. Amongst them, Marc Pagès, an agronomic engineer by training, intended to restore the estate to its former glory. The following year, he met Professor Émile Peynaud who would shortly become the first consultant oenologist of the Château de la Tour de By. The desire to produce upper-end wines would soon be rewarded in 1983 with admission to the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, then in 2003 when Château de la Tour de By attained the level of "Cru Bourgeois Supérieur" (Superior Bourgeois Cru).

Came from the oldest vines and the best plots, this new born expresses all the know-how of the castle. It combines elegance and great finesse.

This vintage 2016 has a deep color with fruity aromas of blueberry and raspberry. In the mouth the attack is ample and warm and the structure is rich and fleshy. It is an expressive, greedy and full wine that ends on a beautiful length.