Our philosophy

Our philosophy

The wine has become a symbol of joy and holds a very special place in Jewish tradition. Accompanying the unique ceremonies of our life, it can also simply delight our taste buds like those of our guests or mark the happy events of our daily lives.

In 2000, IDS wines are born of the knowledge that too few Kosher wines could satisfy our excellence desires. With a dream in mind and a deep ambition for the Harari family : to produce exceptional wines without compromising their standards of Kashrut. These two requirements are the DNA of our company.

The production of a Kosher Grand Cru Classé is a process to be undertaken without compromise. From a selection of prestigious terroirs to a respectful wine grapes but also halahic rules. From the meticulous work in the vineyard to the rabbinical intransigence of our teams in the cellars.

Nothing was left to chance to bring you the best expression renowned wine estates today in their Kosher version.

To do this, we sought wines recognized by the leading international wine experts: Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, Decanter, La Revue des Vins de France,... Then we got the owners of these areas, permission to supervision by the highest religious authorities: Kehal Yereim Paris, O. Rav Westheim, Av Beit Din Manchester and Orthodox Union - USA.

20 years later, and as a reward for all our efforts, we can offer you a selection of the best wines of France, for a pleasure never reached in Kosher.