Château Labegorce Zédé

Founded in the 18th century and divided over the decades, the Labegorce Zédé Castle was bought in 2005 by Mr. Hubert Perrodo (owner of the neighbouring Labegorce Castle) to recreate the area as it was in the past. Beautiful serious deep soils, a legacy of old vines, strict conditions of production… everything is being done to ensure the best quality of wine. Indeed, in a very rare move, this property was promoted "Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel" in 2003 when revising the rankings (the highest ranking of this classification,n founded in 1932 and revised regularly). 

AOC Margaux
Concerning the Medoc, one of the first prestigious categories is the Margaux AOC. This covers five municipalities and 1525 hectares of which 21 Grands Crus Classés Medoc 1855. The best soil for the development of Cabernet Sauvignon, the majority in this area, consist of gravely nutrient-poor land. The climate is temperate since it is influenced by the proximity of the city of Bordeaux and the sea. The wines are usually mild, mellow and those from the best producers have aromas of violets and cassis. It is undeniably a land to fine wines. 
<span>Château </span>Labegorce Zédé <span>Château </span>Labegorce Zédé <span>Château </span>Labegorce Zédé
<span>Château </span>Labegorce Zédé <span>Château </span>Labegorce Zédé <span>Château </span>Labegorce Zédé