Château Larrivaux

LARRIVAUX is located in the commune of Cissac Médoc, in the HAUT MEDOC appellation, at the gateway to the prestigious Saint Estèphe appellation. In 1581, the ancestors of the current owners embarked on a crazy project: to create from scratch, on virgin land, one of the most beautiful properties in the region. The project is gigantic, it includes a magnificent park, outbuildings including 10 staff accommodation; Stables, two huge outbuildings closed by a magnificent gate and at the bottom of the park, a castle worthy of fairy tales. The work begins but the funds are running out because the husband of the owner is an inveterate player. In the end, only the two outbuildings framing the entrance remain, as well as the stables and staff quarters. Because the place is vast and extends over hundreds of hectares. One of the outbuildings became the family home, as it still is today. The other body of the building will become a hayloft and then a barrel cellar in 1821.
Since 1580 this estate has been exclusively run and owned by women of the same family. Today it is Bérangère TESSERON who continues the magical and family history of LARRIVAUX. Today there are 19 hectares of vines, fields, quarries, a beautiful forest, all of which still represents 75 hectares. The fauna and flora feel good there. A beautiful story of women, for an exceptional wine that will delight all female and male palates!

AOC Haut-Médoc
The Haut-Médoc appellation is situated further up-stream of the Gironde. Long standing fame The legally created division into Médoc and Haut-Médoc dates from 1935. Since 1815 a well-known Chartrons broker, spoke of great red wines in the Haut-Médoc, so recognizing the efforts of this region’s growers as early as the eighteenth century. The same Bordeaux broker revealed that the traders of the Chartrons and the great Bordeaux proprietors had already established a league-table of the parishes in which the vine-growing villages of today’s Haut-Médoc appellation showed well. The Haut-Médoc appellation stretches some thirty-seven miles from north to south, from Saint-Seurin de Cadourne to Blanquefort. Within this area, certain zones produce wines exclusively with the Haut-Médoc appellation. It has terroirs of remarkable quality, with a pre-dominance of layers of (essentially Garonne) gravel, deposited in outcrops, these sites are all characterized by their wide diversity. Today in the southernmost communes of the appellation, closest to the suburbs of Bordeaux, numerous vineyards present at the beginning of the twentieth century have now disappeared, victims of urban expansion. But the vines live on thanks to the passion of the winemakers.
<span>Château </span>Larrivaux <span>Château </span>Larrivaux <span>Château </span>Larrivaux
<span>Château </span>Larrivaux <span>Château </span>Larrivaux <span>Château </span>Larrivaux