Château Tour du Barail

Elaborated by Mr Patrick Chancelier, renowed winemaker in Cadarsac, this wine is made in the finest Bordeaux tradition. Adjacent to the Saint-Emilion terroir, its vineyards produce wines filled with roundness, charm and finesse.

Tour du Barail 2021 is surprising. A purple color and a bouquet of fresh fruits. On the palate it reveals very fresh red fruit, with notes of gariguette, raspberry and cherry. With a nice tension, the acidity of this wine makes it energetic and dynamic. A controlled taste palette and a pleasant finesse. This brand new expression offers a suave and fresh character.

AOC Bordeaux Supérieur
Often made from parcels of old vines, a minimum maturing period of nine months, for many of them in oak barrels. If you want to earn the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation “stamp of approval,” you have to comply with particularly strict winemaking conditions that give an optimum expression of terroir. But these rules also give the wine producer a chance to show off all his talent. Throughout the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation each bottle contains the imprint of its maker, the indefinable reflection of his specific expertise, a personal style giving each wine and each vintage something special. Consumed young, Bordeaux Supérieur wines are already eloquent, and with a little patience they offer intense aromatic richness, revealing aromas and flavors of ripe fruit with woody, spicy notes. Bordeaux Supérieur wines. It would be a pity to keep them only for special occasions, these are wines to be discovered and shared. There is no need for any special reason, nor for any particular ceremony.
<span>Château </span>Tour du Barail <span>Château </span>Tour du Barail <span>Château </span>Tour du Barail
<span>Château </span>Tour du Barail <span>Château </span>Tour du Barail <span>Château </span>Tour du Barail