Château Lafon-Rochet

The origins of this property date back to the 17th century and covers forty acres located between Lafite-Rothschild and Cos d'Estournel. Bought then replanted in 1959 by Mr. Tesseron, it is his son Michel Tesseron who convinced him to heavily invest in the property. Today, the opulent products of Saint-Estèphe are among the most harmonious of the appellation. The area is considered as having performance well beyond its ranking.

AOC Saint-Estèphe
The last Medoc appellation from Bordeaux, the vineyard covers 1265 hectares and has 5 Grands Crus Classés Medoc 1855 in its midst. Geographically, the AOC is the northernmost and closest to the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is the freshest in the Bordeaux  region. The soil ranges from the gravelly south of the AOC and clays further north. As a result, the grapes ripen more slowly than elsewhere in the Medoc. Even though the majority remains Cabernet Sauvignon, there is a higher proportion of Merlot grapes. This variety matures earlier and is therefore more suited to the climate. The best wines are very good, comprehensive, structured and very aromatic. 
<span>Château </span>Lafon-Rochet <span>Château </span>Lafon-Rochet <span>Château </span>Lafon-Rochet
<span>Château </span>Lafon-Rochet <span>Château </span>Lafon-Rochet <span>Château </span>Lafon-Rochet