Château Marquis d'Alesme

At the heart of the Bordeaux region - precisely in Margaux - there is a wine that is a world in its own right. Each vintage is the result of the purest vine-growing tradition, and yet Bordeaux has never seemed so exotic. Under the watchful eye of a family, this wine full of character brings the Orient and the West together. Dragon scales and moon gates stand alongside columns and arcades in perfect harmony. A sea of vines stretches before us, with the Rising Sun on its horizon. Marquis d’Alesme offers a highly unusual winetasting experience, where the pleasure of the senses vies with aesthetic enjoyment. A dreamlike utopia begins to emerge. A Grand Cru becomes an experience… LA FOLIE D’ALESME

AOC Margaux
Concerning the Medoc, one of the first prestigious categories is the Margaux AOC. This covers five municipalities and 1525 hectares of which 21 Grands Crus Classés Medoc 1855. The best soil for the development of Cabernet Sauvignon, the majority in this area, consist of gravely nutrient-poor land. The climate is temperate since it is influenced by the proximity of the city of Bordeaux and the sea. The wines are usually mild, mellow and those from the best producers have aromas of violets and cassis. It is undeniably a land to fine wines.
<span>Château </span>Marquis d'Alesme <span>Château </span>Marquis d'Alesme <span>Château </span>Marquis d'Alesme
<span>Château </span>Marquis d'Alesme <span>Château </span>Marquis d'Alesme <span>Château </span>Marquis d'Alesme