Château De Valois

Château de Valois is located on the southern slopes of the plateau of Pomerol appellation. At the  origin, Château de Valois is dismembered in 1862 of part of Chateau Figeac. When Bernard Leydet begins in 1962, the entire vineyard while less than 8 hectares. Over time, many Pomerol plots were acquired. Until his death, Bernard Leydet will constantly improve the quality of its vineyards and wine resulting therefrom.

Since 1996, it is his son Frédéric Leydet who directs the operation.

AOC Pomerol
Wines of this appellation were already much appreciated in the Middle Ages; however since 1850 the appellation started booming thanks to new improved methods in grape growing and wine making.  Then Pétrus (this is an exception, here the word Château is not added to its name), which is deemed the greatest wine in the world, gave its prestige to the appellation.  The wines’exceptional quality comes from the very special terroir. The vintages extract their richness from the clay strata and from the ferruginous sandstone in the subsoil; it is also obtained through a larger proportion of Merlot grapes (up to 80% in some vintages).
<span>Château </span>De Valois <span>Château </span>De Valois <span>Château </span>De Valois
<span>Château </span>De Valois <span>Château </span>De Valois <span>Château </span>De Valois